7 Ways To Flirt With No Words

If you’re the type of person that clams up the second your crush talks to you then maybe say as little as possible and speak thru your actions. I’m not saying turn into a complete mute but maybe give them subtle nonverbal hints instead, so they get the idea you’re actually interested.

Body language and nonverbal signs can end up saying more than words ever will. Actions do play a huge part in flirting because someone can only say and text so much before words become meaningless.

It’s important to not only verbally flirt but to add in all of these extra things to let your crush know you’re actually very interested in them.

1. Eye Contact:

Try to keep as much eye contact as possible when talking to them or in passing. Don’t turn into a creep and instigate a stare down contest but make sure you’re making an effort to look into their eyes whenever you get the chance, hoping to spark something between you guys.

2. Light Touching:

If there is a possible reason to touch or brush your crush lightly then just do it. The majority of the time it will come off as no big deal if you’re the type to touch everyone when engaged in a conversation, but maybe hold your contact a little longer each time.

Making physical contact will only create curiosity and sexual tension between you too, possibly leading to a more sped updating process.

3. Winking:

This one is self-explanatory unless you have a severe eye twitch and end up winking at just about anyone. If you make an effort to wink or seriously wink jokingly, you’re definitely giving your crush to hint you’re down for the get down.

4. Hair Flip:

This one isn’t just for women because men definitely start primping and touching their hair to make sure it’s perfect when their crush is around. Hell, guys have longer hair than girls nowadays if it’s not tied up in a bun.

You can seductively flip your hair and even give it more volume by doing so, creating the essence of ‘sex hair.’

6. Leaning In:

If you act more engaged in whatever they’re saying or find an excuse to be close to them, then take it. Purposely positioning yourself and body language is a huge part of showing your interest in someone.

Making sure you’re sitting closer than a friend would will help you partake in the other nonverbal flirting techniques listed,

7. Biting Lip:

Another obvious sign you’re showing attraction, but try not to look like you’re hungry for a snack, so you decided to start eating your lip. A little subtle lip biting is actually quite the turn on if your crush takes the hint for what it is.
Don’t be annoyed if your crush is oblivious to some of the nonverbal cues you’re giving just make sure you continue to put the effort it, and they’ll be sure to notice in no time.

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