5 Signs You’re A Picky Dater

There’s nothing wrong with having standards or expectations for the people you date but if you find yourself writing people off before giving them a chance, that might be the reason you’re still single.

If you want to continue dating and hopefully find someone, you’re going to have to cut them some slack every once in awhile.

1. Constantly Nagging:

If you start to point out their imperfections and flaws within the first couple dates that are a little too specific, the problem isn’t them it’s you. Everyone will have different characteristics that won’t be your favorite, but you have them as well.

If you have to repeatedly remind people of things you don’t like about them and are constantly trying to shape their behavior into something else, you may need to get in touch with your imperfections before you should start dating.

2.Dateable Checklist:

Ah, the old checklist where you compare an actual human being to a made up list to determine if they’re worthy enough to pursue. Checklists are unrealistic to the point where you will never settle down if you strictly go word for word before you take someone seriously.

Not everyone will match your list, and it may not even be achievable so that no one will get the chance to date you.

3.Nothing’s Good Enough:

Whether it’s their career, family, or education, you will judge the shit out of every choice they’ve made, putting yourself on this nonexistent pedestal. That’s not entirely fair to your date because there is so much more that makes up a person than materialistic and societal things that deem someone worthy of dating.

If you’re always writing someone off the second, you realize someone you don’t like then you need to get off your high horse and come back down to earth. Everyone has flaws and shouldn’t be disregarded just because they aren’t “good enough” for your unrealistic standards.


All of those dreamy scenarios you have in your head from the Disney movies need to leave immediately. There is the slightest chance your partner will end up being as sweet as you imagined but chances are you set your expectations a little too high.

Everyone is guilty of fantasizing the perfect partner who acts and says special perfect things that will inevitably lead to your happily ever after but that’s not the case. If you solely date based on the images in your head, then you’ll be in for a rude awakening when none of your dates turn out the exact way you want them to.

5. Hoop Hopping:

If you passively give your date little tests every time you’re out with them; then you’re setting yourself up for failure. It’s completely normal to feel a hint of disappointment if your date says something that goes against your values or interests but it’s all about having an open mind.

There’s no reason to make someone jump through all of these hoops because I’m pretty sure you would be offended if someone was doing the same thing to you.  Ready to date someone new?  Check out cupid.ly the #1 new dating app on the AppStore.

If you want to learn more about this, check out the video below.